About Us

January , 2018 – RedWormFarms.com has a new owner! Hi, my name is John and I have worms. No, I didn’t just get back from an exotic vacation or am trying a new way to lose weight. My worms eat kitchen scraps and make great compost of my garden. Not a bad relationship, really.

I started learning about worms while doing my Master’s degree in environmental science. I was studying soil geomorphology (yes, that is a real word) and was fascinated with all the work that worms do underground. They can literally move hills. I have continued to learn about worms and now I am getting dirty in the world of worm composting.

Over the next few months I will be making changes and  improvements to redwormfarms.com, so keep returning to see new and improved content. I am super excited and can be reached on my contact page if you ever have any questions about worms…. but let’s keep it to composting worms, though.

Happy Composting!