Getting Started in Worm Composting

There are various worm species with the most common ones being; Eisenia fetida, Eisenia andrei, and Lumbricus rubellus. Eisenia fetida is the best for worm composting. It is also referred to as the red wiggler worm. It has an amazing capability of tolerating high temperatures, high pH, and high moisture. The Eisenia andrei species is … Read moreGetting Started in Worm Composting

Worm Composting Invasion-Useful and Harmful Creatures Within the Bin

Worm composting is ideal for anyone who does not have a backyard or those who simply dislike maintaining a backyard compost bin. Red wigglers are used in the worm bin where they work on organic waste material. Vermicomposting or composting with red worms is widely used since it requires less labor and requires a little … Read moreWorm Composting Invasion-Useful and Harmful Creatures Within the Bin

Where To Buy Earthworms

Where To Buy Earthworms

The types of earthworms you can buy can be referred to any of the following names: Eisenia foetida Eisenia fetida Red wriggler Red wiggler Red worm Brandling worm Bandling worm Tiger worm Manure worm Composter Striped worm Red hybrids Angler worms   A variety of live worms for farming and composting are available at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. … Read moreWhere To Buy Earthworms