About Us

RedWormFarms.com is not a large Industrial type of business. We are more of a Mom and Pop style worm shop. Business is done right here from our beloved customers so please excuse the non professional manner if you are picking up worms our “store front” which is only online. It’s more like doing casual business with a neighbor. The “we” is mostly me. Hi there, my name is David Brian. I would be happy to sell you some worms over this website. When you contact RedWormFarms.com you are essentially contacting me and I will work diligently to provide you with some live and active, healthy worms.

One of my favorite motivations about it all is reducing household waste. It just seems to me that so many people think once they put their trash out on the curb their problem just magically disappears. Landfill build up is a problem for all of us whether you can see it or not. By composting your paper and kitchen waste with worms, even people in apartments with no land can make compost or at least reduce the waste dumped in land fills. Another thing I really like about raising worms are the end products created from it that help my garden grow. I don’t like using chemicals on my plants because our family eats them. When people use Insecticides and weed killer products they are poisoning the soil and water for humans too. Worms provide the balance of just the right fertilizer without using chemical products that often contain carcinogenic poisons.

We have some wonderful worm farm factory kit, red worms and red wigglers for sale that will help you a lot to start your worm farm fast and easy. Feel free to contact me for any help or assistance required, I will be happy to assist you.