5 Top Gardening Trends

5 Top Gardening Trends redwormfarms.com

5 Top Gardening Trends   Level up your garden with these hot trends! In these times, gardening has become more popular than ever. Gardeners of all skillsets want to get into the latest trends in gardening. From landscaping ideas, indoor & outdoor gardens, edible & aesthetic plants I have for once – deviating a bit from my favored worm topic – chosen to bring you the 5 top gardening trends as I see them. 1. “Cottage Core”  This is a new phrase you’ve probably seen thrown around quite often, but…

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8 Best Worm Composting Thermometers (Review)

8 Best Worm Composting Thermometers (Review) redwormfarms.com

8 Best Worm Composting Thermometers (Review) For earthlings, optimum temperature plays a pivotal role in our lives. The same goes for the tiny little worms, who are working day and night to give you a fertile compost. So, to keep your little wormies healthy, active and make them live happily in their settlements, temperature plays a pivotal role in addition to other factors. Worms are efficient in warmer temperatures. The best temperature prescribed to take the optimum results from your worms is 80 to 160 °F (27-70 °C). See our…

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Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care RedWormFarms.com

Christmas Tree Care A little bit off-topic but due to the time of the year I prepared a short article about how Christmas tree care should be done. I hope, this is helpful, even it is for once not about our little friends, the red worms and worm composting. Christmas trees have been a long-standing symbol of the Christmas season but improperly cared for Christmas trees are unlikely to last the entire holiday season. Properly cared for, freshly cut Christmas trees, on the other hand, can take several weeks. Your…

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5 Things to Avoid When You Start Worm Composting

5 Things to Avoid When You Start Worm Composting - redwormfarms.com

5 Things to Avoid When You Start Worm Composting As you, as a frequent reader of my blog know, worm composting is an ancient method of rapid decomposition that normally takes place at higher temperatures in many regions across the globe. This decomposition is performed mostly by several kinds of bacteriae to work at higher temperatures to break down the organic materials. Concerning the best worms for worm composting see my other articles: “Best Worms for Worm Composting” and “Is It Good To Use Red Worms For Composting?“. The most lavish and…

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