Compost Worms Vancouver

Compost Worms Vancouver

Vancouver has been on the forefront of composting. They maintain the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden and a composting hotline for answers on composting. The hotline number is 604-736-2250 and is operated by volunteers under the auspices of Canada’s Office of Urban Agriculture. The compost garden is located at 2150 Maple Street. It is open April to November, Wed. to Sat. from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. December to March, Fri and Sat. from 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.

For Compost Worms, Vancouver is the place to be. With “Canada Trust’s Friends of the Environment Foundation,” the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden, the City Farmer located their, composting education for the public is an ongoing process. The City of Vancouver, in conjunction with City Farmer, has developed a slide show demonstrating to apartment dwellers how to build and use a compost worm bin. Compost Worms Vancouver bins are available from the city for about $25.00.

The slides are labeled as follows:

City worm bin with lid, bottom tray and air vent Isabelle strips up newspaper for bedding Bedding in bin She adds dry leaves and fluffs up the mixture Then adds a handful of sand and soil And waters the mix 500 red wriggler worms are placed on top. They crawl to the bottom Raw veggies and fruit, coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells go in Open a hole in the bedding in one corner and deposit food The fork marks the corner. Feed a different corner every week Finished compost can be expected in 3-4 months To harvest, put compost in piles under light. Worms will work to the center Remove worms from compost. Place worms in fresh bedding and start again.

As you can see the slides cover the process from beginning to end. The photography in these slides reproduces admirably on line. The combination of slides and captions produces one of the easier primers for compost worm bins that is available today. To make the slides of a greater interest to the younger set, a comic book edition was created in January 2008. Since 1990 the Vancouver Demonstration Garden has given outdoor bin and worm composting workshops for adults and children.

Vancouver has really taken to heart the need to reduce waste in our landfills. Their efforts should be not only applauded but emulated in other cities across North America.

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