DIY Worm Composting

DIY Worm Composting

Why have your household garbage carted off to the landfill each week. It is high in valuable nutrients that could be recycled and put back into your yard or garden.

Some people keep a small container in the kitchen and place their food scrapes into it as they are generated. Then after each meal they take them out to the garden and bury them. The problem with this is that they can sometimes attract animals that like to dig them up for themselves. One of the easiest ways to dispose of table waste is through DIY worm composting. Each day your garbage goes into the worm bin and each day the little creatures devour the garbage for you. In exchange for your feeding them they will provide you with a rich dark soil conditioner commonly referred to as castings.

Your DIY worm composting will take care of most of your table scrapes. Worms love things like vegetable and fruit peelings. They also will devour unlikely things like egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds. They don’t like things that include dairy products, butter or cheese, meats, fish, bones, or very oily foods. If you have access to a paper shredder they love the little strips of paper that are produced. Just make sure that anything you put in your worm box is wet. Your new wriggly friends are not that particular about what they eat, but do like to have it moist. With a steady supply of paper, garbage, and some occasional lime they will be happy and productive.

You can put your DIY worm composting bin anywhere you like. Compost bins have been placed inside or outside. They have worked well in apartments and on farms. You can put them on your balcony, in your garage, or in the garden. The worms do not seem to mind as long as they are fed and the temperature does not get too warm.

Worm bins can be any size but are typically about a foot deep, two feet wide and three feet long. Have holes in the base of your DIY worm composting bin so that that the liquid will drain off. Catch the liquid and put it on your plants, they will love it. The worms will convert your garbage to castings and you can use this as planting soil or to add to your regular pots or garden.

DIY worm composting can be a lot of fun. You will be rewarded by a bunch of happy worms, the land fills will be less crowded, and your garden will blossom as never before.

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