Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms

There has been increased concern on how globalization has greatly impacted the natural environment. Each and every organization now is conscious of how they affect the environment in its pursuit for profits and in striving to cut down costs. Organic solutions such as composting with worms are now embraced by most organizations, small or big. Households in particular find red wiggler worms to be not only efficient in composting but also much affordable when compared to other options. If you are considering adopting worm composting then Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms can be a good start for your worm farm. The 2000 healthy and ready worms come with insatiable appetite to devour and transform your kitchen waste to usable compost. This compost can be applied to garden plants as fertilizer. You can also use it on indoor plants and flowers.

Product Features and Benefits

  • 2000 live red wigglers guaranteed upon delivery.
  • Product has a dimension of 10x7x7 inches and weighs about 10 pounds.
  • The worms are clean and free from insects and mites.
  • Product guideline included which explains how to add the worms to your composting bin, lawn, or garden composter.
  • The worms are healthy and ready to work on the kitchen waste.
  • It is good for boosting soil fertility, plant germination, plant growth, and yields on your plants.
  • Reliable customer service that is a phone call away. They are ready to replace the package if you are not satisfied with what you receive.
  • Reputable manufacturer. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been in the business of worm composting for more than 40 years. They understand how to package and deliver healthy wriggler worms.
  • It is a perfect choice for those who have more than one worm bin. You can call it killing a number of birds with one stone.
  • Excellent quality and quantity of worms. Those not seen emerge when sprinkled with water.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast delivery.
  • Quality for money.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • Healthy and adaptable worms.
  • The huge number of worms is ideal for more than one compost bin.
  • Excellent packaging.
  • Excellent client feedback about Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.
  • Quick and free replacement of worms if there is loss during delivery.


  • Due to the high number some may die.
  • It is not easy to tell whether there are 2000 worms per say.

A Final Word on Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 Count Red Wiggler Worms

There are more than a thousand different species of worms but only a few of them are good for creating compost. The red wiggler worms are the best for vermicomposting. They are also referred to as Eisenia fetida. You should avoid using earthworms or Nightcrawlers for composting. The best way of getting the right composting worms is by purchasing the worms from a reliable supplier. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 2000 count Red Wiggler worms are the best for worm composting. The huge quality and quantity of worms will suit any project size. It is particularly good for those who intend to start off with two or more worm composting bins.


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