Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm – Organic Compost Vermicomposter

Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm – Organic Compost Vermicomposter

Has it always been your desire to compost at home or are you simply tired of the regular payments you pay for kitchen waste disposal? Well, vermicomposting or composting with worms is certainly what you need. It is not only an economical way of disposing waste but it is also the surest way of taking good care of the environment. If you are just a beginner then you have to ensure you get your first composter from a reputable supplier. Those upgrading their composters as well should not compromise on quality when making a purchase. Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm Organic Compost Vermicomposter has all that is desired of a worm composter. It is ideally designed to ease the stress most first timers encounter when starting out in worm composting.

Product Features and Benefits

  • It weighs 13.2 pounds and has a dimension of 20.1x15x24 inches.
  • It comes in anthracite color.
  • The unit is good for ecological education. Schools and homes with kids can use it for teaching kids about environmental care.
  • Guarantees an all-year indoor composting with no flaws.
  • It is designed by a top designer and manufactured by a reputed European manufacturer. Its overall outlook is therefore very impressive.
  • The product comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make the best of the worm composter.
  • Creates an ideal environment for red wiggler worms that will do a good job of working on the kitchen waste.
  • The unit is well protected from heat and cold. It provides the best condition for the red wigglers.
  • The “worm tea” or the nutrient-rich liquid resulting from vermicomposting is collected at the bottom of the unit without any leakages.
  • It has a compact design and that means it suits well any space, irrespective of whether it is limited or unlimited.
  • The lid is properly sealed to prevent unwanted odour from slipping through into your house. It is therefore good for indoor use.
  • It comes in a competitive price and this can be attributed to its top-notch design. Few composters in the market come close to what this worm composter offers.

Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm – Organic Compost Vermicomposter Pros and Cons


  • Has a huge capacity. This is ideal for a wide variety of users.
  • Fast composting.
  • No brainer to use and setup. Almost anyone can set it up and use it. It is the best for beginners.
  • It has an attractive design. It will complement your interior décor.
  • Great customer feedback on the site.
  • Free from odour.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor composting.
  • Since it is an organic composter, it is friendly to the environment.


  • It can attract flies if not cared for well.
  • It does not come with the worms.

A Final Word on Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm

The Urbalive Indoor Worm Farm is an ideal vermicomposter for the beginner. The unit has a unique and sleek design. It is also compact and that means it requires a little space in your apartment. It is easy to setup and maintain and will serve best small households and schools where worms are used for educational purposes. It is definitely worth every penny.


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