Where to Find Red Worms for Sale

Where to Find Red Worms for Sale

It’s hard to not get overly excited when you’re finally ready to buy your first bunch of worms and start composting. You have your worm bin set up and a beautiful foundation of quality bedding. Now all you need are some hungry worms and you’re in business making vermicompost. That’s great! But where are red worms for sale and how do you know your new friends will arrive safe and healthy?

There are numerous online and local suppliers in the US and Canada with red worms for sale, and it can be difficult to select the right supplier. This post is geared toward the beginner worm composter to guide their first experience buying compost worms so that it is hopefully a positive one.

Before buying worms, make sure your worm bin is set up correctly and you’re committed to properly maintaining your worm farm. Although the benefits of worm composting far outweigh the upkeep, there is work involved to keep your worms healthy and working hard, so please make sure you are informed and ready to take that on. There are many resources on this site and other that you should read and become familiar with before buying worms. Everyone wants your worm composting to be enjoyable and successful, the worms included. The more learning done before you buy worms, the happier everyone will be.

So if you are ready to buy worms, great! Let’s look at the different places where you can buy red wrigglers and other composting worms.


Buying Worms Locally

When was the last time you were watching the local news and you saw and ad selling composting worms? Or drove past a billboard on the highway with a 20-ft picture of a red worm? I am guessing never. (Note: if you ever find a place where people are advertising for worms on TV and billboards, let me know, because I would like to visit this Wormtopia!) Worm farmers are not renowned for their marketing skills.

But you have surely seen nightcrawlers or other worms for sale at bait shops or gas stations. The worm farms are around, it can just take some digging (pun intended) to find them. Also, local enthusiasts that do not have a worm business may sell you their excess worms.

The best way to locate quality red worms for sale in your area is to talk to others who are involved in worm composting or natural gardening. Some of the ways to get involved in your local worm community is asking at your local gardening stores or clubs, searching worm groups online, keeping your eyes open on community forums, and openly talking about your worm interests. You can also try reaching out to your local farm extension office or other programs that provide resources for gardeners or farmers.

The Benefits of Buying Worms Locally

The benefits of locally sourced worms include:

  • You can often talk to the supplier, visit their farm, and look at the worms before you purchase. This is important especially if you are buying for the first time or from a new source.
  • Avoid shipping the worms and associated shipping costs. Live worms have special shipping requirements and can be costly to ship or that can cause delays. Also, shipping worms internationally is generally not allowed. Plus, by buying worms locally you get to take them home that day! Who doesn’t love instant gratification?
  • Support and get involved with local worm farmers. If you can find a reputable local worm supplier, it is always good to support people in your area that have similar interests and values. You might also meet a new friend with whom you can talk about the dirty details of worm farming and composting.


The best online list of worm farm locations can be found at the Worm Farming Revealed website. This directory is a “self-serve” sort of directory, where companies or individuals who sell worms can provide their location, contact information, and details on what they sell. In addition to the United States, there are several listings in this directory for suppliers in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other countries. This is one of the best places to start looking for local worm growers.


Buying Worms Online

With a quick search, you will find that there are many different online suppliers of live worms. We recommend beginners starting out in worm composting buy their worms online from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. You can buy Uncle Jim’s Worms directly from their website (along with other worm farming equipment) but you can also find their worms on Amazon.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is by far the largest and most-used supplier of online worms. Additionally, Uncle Jim’s provides a guarantee that your worms are delivered live. They also get good reviews for customer service. They offer the best overall product for beginners just getting started.


There are other smaller suppliers online that may also be good choices for buying worms. These are the guys that LOVE vermicomposting and know just about everything there is to successfully grow worms at home. It is also great that they have very specific shipping requirements, so read them carefully. These guys aren’t going to send their worms unless the conditions are just right to get there alive and well. They (and their sites) are also treasure chests of useful information, too!


Other Online Options

These are the guys who really know their stuff and sell their worms:

Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie at Red Worm Composting

Pauly Piccirillo at Worm Farming Revealed


There are many other online worm suppliers, but I am not familiar enough with their products to provide recommendations. Always do your due diligence before buy from any worm grower.

These include on Amazon:

Natures Good Guys Composting Worms

Enchantment Products Red Wrigglers

Detroit Worm Co.


Do I have Red Worms for Sale?

No. Well, at least not yet. I may someday be able to offer red worms for sale, but not right now. I am relatively new to worm composting (especially compared to Bentley and Pauly above). But I am excited to share what I am learning and my ongoing journey in worm faming and worm composting.


One Last Thing on Buying Red Worms

When buying worms online, it is always good to use a little bit of common sense. If you’re not going to be home and your worms will sit out in the heat or sun for hours, make other arrangements. Remember, these worms are your new friends, so treat them well!


Feel free to contact me or comment if you have questions. Here’s to a new and happy squirm of worms in your worm bin.





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