Why Choose the VermiHut 5 Worm Composter? Here’s All You Need to Know

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Why Choose the VermiHut 5 Worm Composter? Here’s All You Need to Know

Do you want to buy VermiHut 5 Worm Composter but want to make sure that it is worth buying? Want to know about the product’s pros and cons? Well, there are several compost bins available in the market that make you confused about buying the perfect one. This worm composter is one that has a lot of features, very good amazon ratings, and is not an expensive worm composting bin. That’s why I have chosen to present it here on my website. Read this complete guide to help you know about the best composter you can go for.


When it comes to making your own compost, there is something unusually satisfying.  Recycling food waste and plant matter helps to get rid of unnecessary garbage, but it also helps to increase the quality of the soil. It is not inexpensive to purchase commercialized compost, mainly while covering a diverse range of areas – that’s why it is a great idea to recycle the perishables you already have. The soil will require it more as compared to the clearance areas.

If you feed the soil with compost, you can see fast results while growing flowers, fruits, and veggies. Yet, the process of making waste into compost can take a lot of time, that’s why you need an excellent compost bin that can store the ‘soil food.’

Why Compost?

There are several reasons why you need to start making your own compost. Yes, you can buy it – however, why not avail the below-listed benefits?

  • If you create a compost, it will decrease the waste, and thus diminish the carbon footprint.
  • It is a natural process to make your own compost that you can do easily.
  • Composting offers you the best fertilizers that enhance the quality of a garden.
  • Feeding compost to the soil will increase its quality even for many upcoming years.
  • Next time, you need to think more while throwing away perishables, fruit peels, and other leftovers.
  • Why do you need a compost bin for it?

Numerous people think that since it is ‘trash,’ they can throw the compost in a pile in their garden’s back. Yet, to create high-quality compost, you need a dark environment that mixes the right amount of oxygen and moisture. Besides, you need to vigilant about the temperature.

Due to this reason, you need a compost bin. Instead of letting the compost type at the mercy of the environment, you can permit it to form in the right context, with no risk of it being compromised.

Usually, the composting will occur naturally if you throw the waste in the bin, and the rest of the things are done by nature itself.

However, if the environment is slightly moist and you are turning it every few weeks, the compost will be ready to use faster.

All About VermiHut 5 Worm Composter

This VermiHut 5 Worm Composter is an appropriate choice for indoor compost making. Thinking about its minimal footprint, you do not need significant space for that bin. You can easily use it if you live in a small area.

This composter is odorless, which means you can easily store it indoors, without being anxious that the decomposition will begin smelling in the house. Besides, it requires the least maintenance; you only need to move the tray from time to time.

Product Information

  • Item Weight – 13.87 pounds
  • Item Model Number – G900203-DG
  • Product Dimension – 16.5 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Manufacturer – VermiTek

Features of VermiHut 5 Worm Compost Bin

Well, here are some of the best features of VermiHut 5 Worm Composter:

  • Requires reduced maintenance after assembly
  • Great air circulation allowing airflow through the system and offer sufficient oxygen to the worms
  • Maintains bidding in the best moisture level and gives the worms a comfortable environment
  • Free worm saver tray get rids of worms after dropping into the liquid tray
  • A dome-shaped lid safeguards optimum control of moisture
  • Recycle material is used for recycling food
  • Odorless composting operation best for outdoor and indoor use
  • Smallest footprint for more worm composting productivity
  • Holds up to 5-pounds of worm

Vertically Stacking Model

This VermiHut 5 Worm Composter is a vertically stacking model that permits you to keep a more significant number of worms in less space. It has 16.5” x 16.5” dimensions, making it best for even the smallest of yards or homes.

Due to its tower structure, even with a small footprint, this compost bin offers living space for almost 10lbs of worms. While 1lb of worms converts into ½lb of waste regularly, it means this compost bin can deal with nearly 5lbs of waste daily.

User-Friendly Set Up

It is quite easy to set up. You only need to place the household waste, composting worms, bedding in the bottom tray and wait for the worms to play their role.

When they work through the first tray of waste, you only add another level, and the worms migrate in the upward direction.

Self-Sustaining System

When you add the fifth level, the entire system can be self-sustaining. When you keep putting the waste at the top, the worms can continue splitting it down, and the worms can reproduce by themselves, it means you do not need to replace them.

At the bottom, there is a special tray to get the nutritious leachate dripping down, permitting you to drain it off with the help of spigot present there for this purpose. Then, you can use the leachate on the garden to improve the growth of your lawn or flowerbeds.

“Worm Saver” Feature

This VermiHut 5 Worm Composter has one mostly neat feature added to the latest version – the bottom level has a particular try of “Worm Saver” to resist the worms falling out of the bottom and into the liquid that gathers there.


The VermiHut 5 Worm Composer offers a lot of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Affordable – it comes at a reasonably low price
  • Odorless – can be used in the yard or even inside your house
  • Larger Capacity – offers housing space for almost 10lbs of worms
  • Small Footprint – It can easily fit even in small spaces
  • Worm Saver Tray – gets rid of worms from dropping out of the bottom into the liquid
  • Easy to Look after – requires the least maintenance after its set up
  • Compact and an excellent air circulation


Here are some of the product’s fewer drawbacks:

  • A lot of Large Holes for Ventilation – does not have proper protection against fruit flies
  • Booklet a Little Vague – instructions are not clear for beginners particularly for worm composting rookies
  • Contents may leak – if not set up properly

Factors to Consider While Buying a Composter

While looking for a composter, there are numerous factors to consider. A few essential ones include the below-mentioned things:

Compost Type:

Do you want to compost the waste in an enclosed, traditional space, or use live insects, including worms, in the entire process?

Depending on your need, you may require a specific type of compost bin. For example, if you do not have a lot of space to move around, you may not get benefit from a rolling composter.


When it comes to talking about storing a composter, do you have less space? Besides, if you have a full soil strip, you need to look for something roomy to store the compost in. Waste Generation: Do you want to have a lot of material to make compost, or you cannot come up with significant amounts of compostable trash regularly? The larger the composter, the larger your waste generation will be.

What to Seek in a Worm Compost Bin?

When you can make your own worm compost bin out of the bucket or box, there are several things which a few types of vermicomposters do not have that are accessible in the market:

Safety from Elements

While putting or planing the composter exterior, you require a cover to keep the rain out. Besides, you must put it in the shady area; hence it does not get inflamed due to sunlight. If you put it inside, you can choose a different setup; however, you want to assure it is somewhat controlled by climate. The worms get sluggish when it is too cold – when its too hot, they will try to outflow. A great vermicomposter must protect the worms from harmful situations where it can be set all the time.


All the worms need to breathe similar to human beings. It is essential to make sure that you have a well-ventilated compost bin. If there is not enough ventilation, you can begin to have problems with a lot of moisture in the container. Drowning the worms is the last item you need.


Naturally, the worms live best away from the sunlight. Hence you need a composter to maintain the natural setting as much as possible. Pick an opaque composter; thus, it can easily block excessive light. It aids the worms to be comfortable. When they are more comfortable, they will eat more.

Space of Composting

If an individual produces surplus food for the pathogens, you may not need to have a big compost bin, nor an entire full of worms. However, what if the family breeds and you begin producing more compostable leftovers? Preferably, you need a compost bin that can meet your increasing needs, permitting the colony of worms to expand and breed as well.

The worms can breed if they contain space to grow. You can begin with only one hundred worms and may result in various hundreds of eating your leftover and making dark gold for you. The essential thing to this method is surface space because the worms can self-regulate the growth. If there is not enough space in the container to have offspring, they will not do it. Hence, an extra space offers you a consistent supply of the young wigglers prepared to devour the scraps.

Ease of Harvesting Castings

Make a compost bin out of the bucket with the drilled holes in it for draining purposes. However, you can pull out of the worms, their residual food/beddings, the castings, and their manual separation.

Some commercial compost bins offer alternatives that do not disturb the colony. If you less disturb the colony, the fast they will replicate and make a great casting. Hence a built-in selection makes an ideal and easy process. It helps you make an arrangement that can quickly improve the process of collection.


If you add any vegetables or fruit material, predominantly items such as wet materials or watermelon rinds, it will make a liquid known as leachate (another name worm tea). The worms need no additional moisture, and if it is too much, they can actually drown. Hence a stopper or other methods of draining leachate are required.

By the way, the leachate constitutes a few nutrients and plays the role of fertilizer. However, with one caution: as it cannot pass through the worms’ gut and get assimilated, it can have any pathogens that are not removed. Hence it is not secure to use on eatable floras. If the worm composter constitutes a spigot, pull the leachate daily, mixing it 50/50 with liquid, and spread it on the ground or the lawn in the garden. Also, a hot compost pile can be added to it because the heat kills many pathogens present in the ‘worm tea.’


When talking about an overall review, an excellent unit for a lot of people to go for, while you are a pro or newcomer to vermicomposting, is the VermiHut 5 Worm Composter. It is quite easy to set up, easy to use, and maintain. This well-designed worm compost bin permits you to deal with household waste effectively. It is free of odor, and it is an ideal choice for people searching for a way to compost with different worms, outside or inside, and even when you do not have enough room. As mentioned in the beginning, the VermiHut 5 Composting Bin is one of the best worm composters in the market at a very reasonable price.

However, be it you begin with the VermiHut 5 or any other worm composting bin, I assure you, worm composting is an excellent way to create the best compost for the plants. I think you should try it! This product is a good one and will not let you down.


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