Why You Should Have Redworms In Your Garden

Why You Should Have Redworms In Your Garden

There are many reasons to have redworms in your garden, composting bin or for fishing. Redworms work 24 hours a day, for a mere bit of food and water. Redworms produce beautiful castings (fertilizer) and little capsules with new babies in them. Redworms adapt well to most climates and are a valuable asset to any composting system or garden, be it vegetables, plants, grains or flowers.

Worms are natures natural fertilizing systems and God or mother nature, whom ever you choose, knows best! The primary tasks of the Redworm are (1) Aerating the soil  which helps plants roots and moisture to move deep into the
soil and also enables the worms to get air and (2) enriching and fertilizing the soil with its castings that feed the plants as they grow.

The Redworm feeds on any decaying matter near or on the surface of the soil, the resulting product is castings. Worm castings (Fertilizer) have several times more minerals and nutrients than are present in soil when no worms are present.

Why You Should Have Redworms In Your Garden

Check our website for more details on castings. Richer minerals and nutrients in the soil are reflected in the richer vegetables and plants that are produced.In the past few years we have come to realize that chemicals are not as good for us as we once thought, and we are seeing many negative results from them. They deplete the natural minerals and nutrients in the soil  as well as kill all the little creatures that God has put there to keep the ground tilled, fertilized and healthy.

Studies have shown that plants will double in size when worms and their castings are presentand the plants will be much healthier. Redworms are best for fishing because, even though they are small, they can withstand being under water longer than the nightcrawler which will drownd quickly.There are many names for Redworms such as manure worms, English reds, red wigglers, and many more but it’s all the same worm. Eisenia fetida is their technical name.

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So you see. . . worms are a must!

Redworm Prices

Eisenia fetida

Orders of 1-10 lbs. $12.00 per pound Orders of 11-30 lbs. $9.50 per poundOrders of 30+ lbs.Call for quote

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