Worm Factory Accessories, 5 Tray Worm Factory

Worm Factory Accessories, 5 Tray Worm Factory

If you have never heard of worm farm gardening before, you are not alone. However, you’re in the right place if you want to know what you can do to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables that will be the envy of everyone you know without having to use chemicals laden fertilizers and put in hours and hours of work each week.

Were you aware that on average the U.S. population discards as much as 34 million tons of food waste annually? That’s more than anything other type of trash, according to the EPA. That’s a staggering number when you factor in how many uses there are for biodegradable refuge, especially food.

Worm farming can be done just about anywhere, even if you live in an apartment and really works great for those who would love to compost their meal scraps, trashed mail, and cardboard, but just don’t have the room enough or the time to put into a larger composting effort. As it is, worm farming is a great way to make your own incredibly nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden or indoor houseplants.

The worm factory farms work by allowing the worms to eat waste in the lowest tray. As they finish one tray in a stack able worm factory, they’ll make their way up to each successive tray, leaving behind the fertile compost that you can then use in your potted plants, garden, and more. Once you have the farm running, it requires as little as a quarter of an hour once a week to keep it optimal.

If you are looking to get serious about your worm gardening, our 5 Tray Worm Factory is an excellent way to reap the most benefits of worm farming at an affordable price. Features of this product include an in-depth user’s manual to guide you through every step of getting the worm factory up and running. Choose from black, green, and Terracotta and then place it either indoors or out, wherever you feel most comfortable putting it.

The 5 Tray Worm Factory comes with a 10 year limited warranty, the ability to expand it from a 5 tray setup to 7, odor free operation, and, of course, the ability to house thousands of worms that will work 24/7 to feed on the scraps of food, paper, and cardboard you have left behind. If you haven’t ever set up a worm factory before, don’t worry.

Using the guide you will tell you step-by-step what goes where and how much of anything you need to use. Once you’ve gotten it going, it may take as much as three months for your first worm farming tray to achieve success (completion of compost). However, once you have the first one conquered, each successive tray will only take about a month, sometimes less, to fully develop.

Remember, you will be housing thousands of worms, living creatures who are as susceptible to weather conditions as your or any of your other animals. It’s best to situate your worms in a shady area or in a garage or other area that is quiet and temperate. And, when you feel like you are ready to expand your operation, you can always come back here to RedWormFarms.com and order a Single Worm Factory Tray 2 to further expand the output of your worm factory. Single trays, just like are bigger factories, are available in Terracotta, black, and green and fit our original Worm Factory products as well as our Worm Factory 360 model.

Worm Factory Accessories

We realize that from time to time you are going to need accessories to complete the start of your worm farming experience. That’s why we have dedicated an entire page of our inventory to making the items you need available for immediate purchase. Therse items include our Accessoy Kit featuring a soil thermometer, plastic scraper and hand rake. These particular items are already found inside of our Worm Factory 360 models of worm farms. However, as we all know sometimes accidents or misplacement happens and we need a replacement. At a price that is affordable to everyone, our Accessory Kit really is a steal.

If you’re in need of coir, you can find all you need in our accessories pages. Our 650g Coir Bricks are always a far more advantageous alternative to peat. Coir, made in India and Sri Lanka, is a complete biodegradable substance derived from coconuts at harvesting. It is extremely easy to keep hydrated and boasts the ability of being impervious to bacteria, fungal spores, pathogens, plant disease, and more. And, because coir is more alkaline, using coir over peat results in less need for using dolomite to reduce acidity that may occur in the worm factory due to some fruits and grains.

 Worm Factory Accessories, 5 Tray Worm Factory

Worm Factory DS5GT 5-Tray Worm Composter


  • Made with post-consumer recycled plastic, Dimensions 16-inch x 16-inch x 28-inch
  • Built in “worm tea” collector tray and spigot for easy draining.
  • Year Round Production
  • Odor Free Operation
  • Expandable up to 7 trays

Buy Now and Save $10.00

At RedWormFarms.com we want you to have the very best. We offer only the most secure online shopping experience through Amazon.com and make it our goal to provide you, our guest, with the most satisfying purchase you can find anywhere online.

If you have been looking for some way that you could reduce the refuse filling local landfills more and more each day or you just want to go as organic as possible within your parameters, consider worm farm gardening. You will feel a since of pride and accomplishment you didn’t expect when those trays begin to deliver in an environmentally friendly way.

Just remember, while they don’t require everyday hands-on work, you do have to be able to dedicate a few minutes a week to keep your worms healthy and hungry. Do that and you will be rewarded with outstanding compost fertilizer that grows large healthy plants, vegetables, and fruit for you, your family, and friends to enjoy year around.

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