Red Wiggler Worm Farm

1Red worms, also known as red wigglers are the true work horse behind any thriving lawn or garden. Many people believe that adding special chemicals mixed in with ‘lawn food’ from the local home improvement store will magically make their lawns and gardens full of life again. The truth is that some as simple as red worms can make your lawn and garden look the best in the neighborhood.

We have all the supplies you will need, including red worms for sale and red wigglers for sale, to fulfill all of your home composting needs.

Red Worms for Organic Fertilizer

Red worms are ideal for composting for many reasons including:

    1. They burrow and create tunnels near the surface (toward plant root systems), which allows water, nutrients, and oxygen to flow easily to the roots
    2. 1 pound of red worms can consume organic material at an incredible rate of up to 1 pound per day. That’s right, they can eat organic material equal to their body weight every day!
    3. Red worm castings (worm poop) are an excellent source of nutrient for your lawn and garden

Castings contain:

    • 5 times more nitrogen
    • 7 times more potash
    • 1.5 times more calcium

Than your typical top soil found at a home improvement store!

Red worm castings are an incredible way to provide nutrients to your lawn and garden. We have top quality red wigglers for sale to help get you started.

Red Worms for Composting

Red worm composting is a great way for you to take advantage of all the red worm castings. You can easily set up you at-home worm composting station at home to harvest all the worm castings for use in your lawn or garden.


worm composter

A worm composter allows you to build and maintain a nest of worms, and control how much worm castings are put back into your garden.


Another awesome reason to start at-home red worm composting is that you can eliminate a large portion of your household trash! All of your vegetarian scraps can go right into your worm farm to feed the worms. Any fruits, vegetables, and garden scraps can be put directly into the worm farm. The best part is that in no time you will have excellent, free, organic fertilizer to fertilize your lawn and garden much better than any synthetic fertilizer would do. Check out our red worms for sale to start your worm farm today!

What Can I Feed My Worms?

YES: Vegetables , fruits, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, shredded newspaper, shredded paper towel, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags

NO: Human or pet waste, dairy, meat, oils, grease, harsh chemicals, non-biodegradable materials

An important topic to take note of is that the worms will feed better of off the materials once it begins decomposing. Worms don’t really eat the fully intact food scraps, but rather the microbial goo that forms when the food scraps begin to decompose. So, if you put fully intact food scraps into your worm farm, they won’t begin eating the food scraps for at least a couple days.

Getting Started with Red Worm Farming

Getting started with red worm farming is easy! There are only 4 basic items needed to start worm farming.

Red Worms

Red worms are obviously the most important part of your worm farm. We have red worms and red wigglers for sale to help get you started. Will only supply the highest quality worms to make sure your worm farm gets off on the right note.

Composting Bin

A composting bin is a small, fully contained bin where your worms live. This is also where you collect the worm castings which can then be used directly in your garden.

red worm composter

Worm Food

As discussed above, worm food is simply your household table scraps and garden/lawn scraps. You can feed your worms fruits, vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, and many other common household items that would just normally be thrown away

Worm Bedding

Red worms don’t only need food, but also a good habitat to live in. The best worm bedding is simply shredded cardboard and shredded newspaper. It is important to keep enough moisture in their habitat in order to keep them alive and happy. The ideal moisture for your worm firm is that compare to a damp sponge, or wrung out towel.

We can provide you with high quality red worms and red wigglers for sale!