Helpful Tips for Successful Worm Composting

Helpful Tips for Successful Worm Composting

What comes into your mind when you hear anyone talk about worms? A sure guess is that you perceive these useful creatures as disgusting. That might not be far from the truth, but truth be told, worms fascinate some and put off others. Irrespective of how you see them, worms have become increasingly essential especially for composting. Nonetheless, not all worms are useful for composting. The red wigglers for sale are the best for composting and they require a good environment in order to thrive. Follow these tips for successful worm composting;

  • Avoid excessive food in the worm bin-worms dislike excessively acidic conditions and too much waste food sour up faster than the worms can with it. To avoid such a problem provide the worms with little but regular waste food. The excessive food will also create odors that attract flies.
  • Mince and chop worm food-consider mincing and chopping food waste since this will help hasten the composting process. You should also include crushed egg shells in the mixture since this provides calcium that stimulates worm activity and reproduction. You should also add garden lime into the compost bin since helps keep the acidity within the bin in check. Dolomite will also help regulate acidity within the compost bin.
  • Signs of acidity- if you have a wormery or a worm farm then acidity is your worst enemy. The typical worm can live for up to 1 year in the bin if the condition is well regulated but acidity can destroy a huge number of red worms in a few days. In fact, you will never notice when the worms are dead since the worm’s body is 90% water. When it dies, it simply shrinks and becomes part of the compost. Therefore, be on the lookout for signs of acidity. When you notice an increase in number of nematode worms or potworms, then acidity is high. Use dolomite or lime to correct the condition.
  • The worms should always remain moist and not too wet. They should also be kept from drying since they die when dry. Conditions that are too wet will also drown the worms.
  • Bury freshly added food in the bedding-if this is not done it will generate an odour that will attract fruit and house flies. Odours will also come in when the bin has been overfed or when it is not well-aerated and is too moist. The odour also indicates a lack of oxygen within the unit which if not corrected can result in death.
  • Seed germination is common in worm bins. This is due to the fact that the bins never generate heat therefore any seeds that end up in the unit will germinate.
  • Expert advice always comes in handy-if you are not certain of how or what to do when looking for red wiggler worms for sale or establishing a bin, seek advice. Do not experiment with worm composting. Any stupid mistake can ruin everything.

A Final Word

Unlike other common ways of composting, worms for composting continue to be the best option since it takes little effort and basic knowledge. You can get the best results by following these expert tips.

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